Fuse Box Repair, Hickory, NC

If you have to replace fuses frequently, you should have us come check if you need a fuse box repair in Hickory, NC.

Fuse Box RepairOlder homes and buildings typically operate with a fuse box rather than a circuit breaker. When the electrical system is overloaded, a circuit breaker will trip and simply needs to be reset. When an electrical system running with a fuse box is overloaded, the fuse will blow and will need to be replaced with a new fuse.

At Beagle Electric, we are available to the Hickory, NC area to replace any broken fuse and return your home or building to its full operation. You can prevent blowing a fuse by taking care not to overload the electrical circuit by using too much electrical current with appliances.

You might also be in need of a fuse box repair if you notice any sort of burning smell coming from the fuse box. This is a sign of a serious problem, and you should seek professional help immediately to prevent electrical fires.

While you might occasionally blow a fuse by overloading the circuit, which is normal, if you have to replace fuses frequently, you should have us come check if you need a fuse box repair. Like anything else in your home, fuse boxes wear out and might need replacing just from being in use for so many years.

As the needs of your home or building change, you might find yourself needing an increased amount of electrical power to function at a higher electrical capacity. If this is the case, you could use a replacement fuse box or updating your system to a circuit breaker. Our team at Beagle Electric is highly qualified to provide these services. Keep in mind, if you want to update your fuse box system, you likely have older wiring, as well, which would also require updating to ensure safety to the entire system.

At Beagle Electric, we are highly qualified to service any electrical system and are happy to provide a fuse box repair or consultation if you are experiencing problems with your system. Give us a call today!